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CAS is active in local archaeology projects and the reports are provided here. We are particularly interested in any feedback, especially from others working on similar sites. Please send your messages to

ACT and Region Annual Australian Heritage Partnership Symposium Saturday 19th July 2014 Symposium
Interpretative History of the Ginninderra Blacksmith Shop
A Short History of Gungahlin
Consultation with Aboriginal Organisations in the ACT
Crinigans Artefacts preliminary report
ACT Heritage Unit Store Archaeological Objects Curation Project
Guide to Girrawah Park
Crinigan's Stone Hut guide
Girrawah Park and Mulligans Flat Aboriginal stone procurement sites report Springbank Project - Canberra Weekly
Goyder Mounds Lecture - Canberra Weekly
Art Deco Acton Guided Walk
Art Deco Inner North Guided Walk