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Research guides for ACT and region archaeology and palaeo-climate studies.

Now you can access an annotated bibliography, list of the locations of collections and CAS archives and reports to give you the whereabouts of unpublished sources of information about the ACT.

Our Treasurer, Dr Sally Brockwell of the ANU Department of Archaeology and Natural History, developed a project to compile this bibliography of reports and information on collections which help those who wish to focus on this strategic region for studying cultural and natural landscapes in south-eastern Australia.

The ACT lies between the watersheds of several rivers and creeks and its terrain includes mountains, plains, rivers and wetlands, forming a natural microcosm of a wider geographic region. It can offer a unique insight into the human and environmental history of south eastern Australia over the past 20,000 years as it is strategically positioned to test models of Pleistocene human settlement, environmental adaptation at the height of the Last Glacial Maximum and subsequent trajectories of cultural change and environmental interactions throughout the Holocene.

This project received ANU and ACT Heritage Grant funding for a pilot study which has established a comprehensive database of unpublished student theses and consultants reports on places and themes in and around the ACT. The results are encouraging, revealing many reports which will enable mapping and identification of the patterning of Aboriginal surface sites and artefacts over a large area of the ACT and methods and theories which can be tested and evaluated.

Also available are lists of CAS unpublished reports and the contents of the CAS archives held in the ACT Heritage Library in Woden, and a list of collections of artefacts from ACT. Access to these documents furthers the CAS objectives of initiating and organizing archaeological research and encouraging archaeological undertakings. Please read the ACT Unpublished Bibliography Explanatory Notes for caveats and citation details.

The ACT Unpublished Bibliography may be updated (subject to resources) as details of additional relevant unpublished material become available. We would appreciate receiving details or electronic copies of relevant unpublished reports to add to this database. We also ask users to notify us of errors in the current version. Contact Canberra Archaeological Society:

The Bibliography, ACT collections information and list of CAS reports are all available here:

ACT Unpublished Bibliography v1

ACT Unpublished Bibliography Explanatory Notes

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